The Sables-Spanish Rivers Public Libraries are community resources, dedicated to enriching lives through the promotion of literacy and reading, and by providing the means to access information and new ideas.

Mission Statement

Sables-Spanish Rivers Public Library Board

Library Board meetings are held every third Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM. Board meetings are open to the public with the exceptions of Closed Meetings or during in camera.

Library Board Members:

Ursula Robinson, Chair

M Williams, CEO, Treasurer

Jodie Bianchin, Vice Chair & Recording Secretary

Kevin Burke (Mayor)

Merri Ann Hobbs (Councillor)

Sue Christiansen

Kathy Moore

Denise Trenaman

Stacey Wagler


Board Minutes

Annual Reports


The Massy Public Library has been opening windows to opportunities since the doors opened on October 15, 1960. On opening day, the library had thirty-five juvenile books and assorted adult books donated by the community. One hundred and eight people took home a book that day. Mrs. Gwen Marshall was the first librarian. Today our libraries have over 16,000 items and circulate over 17,000 items a year.

In May 1962 the Massey Library moved to a classroom in the former Continuation Schools, where it stayed for the next five years. When the Library moved to the old Royal Bank, they made a museum their centennial project as there were five rooms on the second floor not being used. In 1968, the Museum formed their own Board and shared the building with the library. In September 1967, Prime Minister Lester Pearson visited the Library and Museum.The library board received a grant from Wintario and with local funding drives was able to turn the sod for the current building in the early spring of 1979.

In January 1973, the first meeting of the Webbwood PublicĀ  Library was held at the home of Bennett Harold Maze. The library opened in the Webbwood Public School under the suggestion of Mr. Peter Boyko in April of 1973. Mrs. Charlene Frost was the first librarian. In 1977 the town gathered support to open a Public Library at the Municipal Office building and in 1978 the library applied for a Wintario Grant for renovations and furnishings. In July 1988 Webbwood amalgamated with the Town of Massey and Walford and the unorganized townships creating the Sables-Spanish Rivers Public Library Board.

Our libraries are a community treasure, serving township residents, neighbouring communities, and summer tourists. The Sables-Spanish Rivers Public Libraries provides entertainment, leisure, supports self-directed learning, and knowledge creation. Visit us today in person or online to see how we are growing to suit your needs!

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