Photocopying – We offer photocopying at $0.25 per page for the first 10 pages then $0.15 per page

Faxing – To send a fax $1.00 per page, to receive .25 per page.

Daisy Player & CD’s – We have a large collection of books on CD’s for the visually impaired. They can be used with our Daisy Player as well as a computer using the Windows Media Player program.

Audio Books– We have adult and children audio books that can be taken out and be used with a CD player.

DVDs– We offer a large selection of DVDs for adult and children. DVDs have a one week loan period and there is a charge of $1.00 per day that they are overdue.

Laminating– We offer a laminating service, the costs are $3.00 for 12 1/8 x 18, $2.00 for a 8 1/2 x 11 and $1.00 for a business card.

Book Covering– We can cover your small and medium books for $2.00 or 3/$5.00, and your large books for $2.50 or 3/$6.50.

Accessibililty Computer– We have one computer that is set up with special accessibility features like a keys u see keyboard; we have the program Dolphin and and a modified mouse to make it easier for patrons to use.

Large Print Books– The library has a large selection of large print adult fiction  and non-fiction books.

Books For All Ages– The library has variety of books from easy books to adult and we also have literacy books for adults and children.

Interlibrary Loans– If we do not have a book you would like to take out at our location, we will gladly check our system to see if we can borrow it from another library.

Picture Scanning-The library has two scanners that are hooked up to the computers for patron use.

Magazines– We have a variety of magazines available for loan.

Used Book Sale– The library has used adult and childrens books for sale. Pay as you please!



Community Information– We have a community events bulletin board where you can find community information and a Smart TV display of the library information.

Public Internet Access– The library provides free wifi and computers with internet access.  USB Memory Sticks are available for purchase (1GB and 8 GB)

Adult and Children Programs-We have many programs such as, the summer reading program, learning through play and weekend childrens program. 

Shredding Services– The library has a paper shredder for anyone who needs shredding done.

JASI Online Database– JASI is a program of the OLS- North that is working towards ensuring that all libraries in Northern Ontario will have access to an integrated library system for catologuing, circulation, patron records, acquistions, serials and a web-based public catalogue.  Both Massey and Webbwood are a part of this.

Local History– The local history section includes Ojibway, Fort LaCloche, families from the community and much more.

Audio/Visual Equipment – The Massey library is equipped with special accessibility computers, and audio books for the visually impared.

Overdrive: Ebooks, Audiobooks, Movies, Music– The library has extras like the ability to download ebooks and listen to daisy CDs on a daisy player, it also has DVDs and CDs for loan.

Services to Shut- In– If you are not able to come to the library and take out a book, we are able to deliver.

In Memory- Donations to Heart & Stroke Foundation & Cancer Society– Members have the ability to donate to these various charities.

Smart TV:  The library has a new Smart TV that can be used for presentations.  Contact the library for more information.

Youth Intern:  An intern is available for our two libraries for training with computers and gadgets.  

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